Hospitality Insurance

Whether you are running a small BNB or a large chain of hotels, we get that at the heart of your business are people. Your clients are of utmost importance to the longevity of your hospitality offerings, as are you to us at STP.

With that in mind, we have built a niche hospitality offering around that very vital element, your clientele, your guests.

Besides the general business insurance cover i.e. building, contents, money, electronic equipment, theft and business interruption cover, we focus on the elements that make the hospitality industry unique.

These elements are:

  • Liability Cover – hospitality insurance extends the normal liability cover, to ensure that when a guest does decide to lay a case against you, you have enough.
  • Loss of revenue and theft – under a general business policy this is quite limited, and when we use the term “forcible and violent entry” it can become hard to prove when it comes to guests’ losses. Our cover takes into account the erratic behaviour of guests
  • Insured perils – such as fire, theft, flood, liability and other events can be extended to small BNB’s that reside alongside residential homes
  • Food, beverage, alcohol, selling accommodation space, and other factors require a more detailed and specific cover, which is where our hospitality insurance comes in.

We provide cover for the following:

Hotels and Motels
Boutique Inns
Tours and Transfers

And many more hospitality facilities.

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